TEN 27 Jazz Trio

"Mild-Mannered" is a first-rate debut, brimming over with excellent ensemble playing, sparkling musicianship and plenty of imagination. - Greg Haymes, Times Union

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The jazz trio consists of the following instrumentation: Electric Cello, Electric Bass, Keyboards/Piano, and Drums. The two core members are Monica Wilson-Roach and Michael Roach. The third member of the group is Paul Borrello.

TEN27 is not your typical jazz trio by any standard. The instrumentation alone sets this gritty trio from the commonly heard jazz music of today. The electric cello is a bold addition to the jazz trio form. This instrument screams contemporary as well as adding an unusual color and texture to the group. Utilizing a staple of 1970s progressive jazz, the Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos are yet another interesting twist not expected at first listen. In the compositions, the combination of electric and acoustic pianos battle in a harmonic duel for balance and grace.

The influences of traditional jazz, progressive jazz, R&B, and classical music do not necessarily stand independently in the compositions. Rather, they blend together for an alarmingly fertile and sometimes entrancing sound. Michael Roach is a strong composer in his own right as is Monica Wilson-Roach. However, the most moving and engaging pieces spring from the synthesis of their collaboration. With the addition of Paul Borrello's sensitivity and explosive pulses, the trio shines in its brightest light. Come and experience the musical journey that is TEN27.

Copyright (c) 2009
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